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Lacy Brinson

"Moonshine Revival"

written by Lacy Brinson & Mike McAndrew

Great Day SA, March 2024

Lacy Brinson
"No Tear in My Beer"  
written by Lacy Brinson & Jimmy Perkins
backed by The Prairie Rattlers
Good Day Austin, Feb. 2022


“Shades of Loretta Lynn and other female legends, but Lacy is no copy girl. She writes her own brand of country music and delivers it with a unique style which is all hers. ... She will deliver her set on the upcoming show with nothing but an acoustic guitar.You will believe it when you hear her. If her set at Texas Pride follows the norm, expect the audience to fall deathly silent when she launches into her first song. As Lacy joins Sylvia Kirk on the anniversary show, we will be projecting two of the greatest female voices on the Texas music scene. San Antonio and South Texas is already familiar with the incomparable Sylvia.”


-- Sam Kendrick, Action Magazine

  San Antonio, Texas, September 2017

“It’s easy for me to champion the skills of my contemporaries and predecessors in country music. It is not easy for me to do the same for today’s country performers. For example, Sammi Smith was my favorite singer of all time until I recently heard Lacy Brinson. Like Smith two music generations or so before, Lacy uses her voice to sing her truth, and her truth is stunning. Many of today’s singers (if not most) produce a contrived sound that might pass for style but mostly lacks substance. Not so with Lacy. She sings with natural honesty that draws listeners to this woman who— as a child—sang with her circuit-riding grandfather as he preached in one small Southern Baptist church after another in the South. It's all about the song for Lacy. She doesn't sing to bring attention to herself; she sings to connect the listener to the song. And, it's magic.”


-- Jim Chesnut, Action Magazine

  San Antonio, Texas, June 2017

“After more than 10 years of performing live music throughout Florida, Georgia, and Texas, Live Oak native Lacy Brinson McAndrew has released her debut extended play (EP) entitled “Lost Lovers”. The EP features three original songs that showcase Lacy’s entrancing voice and deep south lyrical style. Ballads “Don’t Cry Lonely” and “Lost Lover’s Lullaby” capture the ethereal beauty of Lacy’s voice and the depth of her songwriting ability. In “I Don’t Miss You,” Lacy narrates as a woman scorned lets skeleton after skeleton out of the closet of a relationship long gone. The EP was recorded in San Antonio by Grammy-winning sound engineer Marius Perron. It features talented musicians such as Grammy-winning fiddle player Bobby Flores and co-writers Jimmy Perkins and Michael McAndrew. Overall, the EP seals Lacy’s fate as a promising country music singer who continues to draw the attention of excited audiences.


-- Suwannee Democrat,

  Live Oak, Florida, February 2015

Lacy Brinson Music
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