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About Gratitude


As I reflect on my life up to this point, the overwhelming theme is gratitude.

Since 2010, I have been performing publicly on a regular basis. I sing my own original songs and a variety of cover songs, spanning several genres, from classic country, classic rock, 90s hits, Top 40, and Americana. I have had the honor of performing and recording with Grammy winners, Dove Award winners, Hall of Famers, and downright prodigies. I’ve performed solo, in a duo, in a trio, and in a band. You can find me singing publicly at local farmers markets, bars, and restaurants, and privately at weddings, corporate parties, and special events.

I grew up in Live Oak, Florida, with a loving family, amazing and diverse friends, and meaningful opportunities to explore my passions. My parents worked hard to provide for and instill core values in us. My sister has been my best friend my whole life and a constant inspiration. My husband is my cowriter, my biggest supporter, and my most devoted fan. Our two children are the most perfect humans, and we are so proud of them. My extended family and friends surround me with love and happiness, even from afar. My day job as an attorney is fulfilling and challenging, and my coworkers make me feel valued and appreciated. 

I moved to Texas in 2012 and fell in love with the Texas music scene. In 2017, I began performing regularly at the Pearl Farmers Market in San Antonio, Texas, thanks to Ms. Nancy Fitch. The Pearl is now an international destination for tourists and locals alike. At this gig, I’ve distributed recordings of my original music to fans from all over the world. I met Blair Davis at the Pearl. If you've ever met Blair, you know he's a force. Blair is a music lover, a supporter of small businesses, a friend to many, and an overall passionate person. He's also Texan. Blair lives at the Pearl, and he might as well be the Pearl mayor. Blair heard me singing one morning at the Farmers Market. He introduced himself, complimented my voice, and ultimately commissioned my latest album. Once I realized he was serious about us making an album together, I introduced Blair to a hero of mine, Marius Perron. Marius is a Grammy-winning sound engineer and a living legend in San Antonio. I’m lucky enough to call him a friend. Marius, Blair, and I began to brainstorm, and “Gratitude” was born. 

Gratitude is a small collection of some of Blair’s favorite songs from country music’s most legendary artists. For this project, Marius assembled a group of eight local musicians, and we recorded seventeen songs over a span of three days at BGM Studio in San Antonio and Windmill Valley Studio in Bulverde. On the tracks, you can hear Grammy winner Bobby Flores on fiddle, Texas Steel Guitar Hall of Famer Tommy Detamore on dobro and steel guitar, Dove Award winner Brian Duncan on piano, Texas State Banjo Finalist Brady Gandy on banjo and mandolin, multi-instrumentalist Clint Tomerlin on electric guitar, the incredible John Owens on drums, Jim Kalson on bass guitar, and Alan Kolby on rhythm guitar. As I stood in the studio watching these musicians collaborate, it was a truly magical experience. 

Seven of those 17 tracks appear on Gratitude. I am so thankful to Blair for believing in me, supporting my music, and commissioning this project. I am also thankful to Marius for entrusting me to provide vocals over musical tracks performed by such high caliber musicians. 

Right before Blair sent Gratitude to be printed, he asked me if we could include two of my original songs on the album. In 2014 as a wedding gift, Marius and his wife Jeanine recorded my EP, “Lost Lovers,” which showcased some of my original songs. Two of those songs are now included on Gratitude. I co-wrote “Don’t Cry Lonely” with my friend Jimmy Perkins and my husband, Mike McAndrew. “Lost Lover’s Lullaby” is a song I wrote when I moved to San Antonio in 2012. Both songs are very special to me, and I’m honored that Blair included them on this tribute album. 

To say I’m proud of this collection of work is an understatement. I am grateful. I am honored. I am excited to share this project with my friends, family, and fans. I look forward to recording my next project, which will showcase more of my original music.

-- Lacy

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